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    [Commoner] Info

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    [Commoner] Info

    Post by Michiyo on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:59 pm


    Commoners mainly manufacture items. The combat ability of a Commoner isn't strong, but can be combined with other job skills effectively.

    As a Commoner, you'll only have a few job skills, but commoner has the largest number of secondary job skill spaces.


    There is no need to qualify for this job. This is your starting job upon entering the game.

    Commoner Skills

    These skills alow the user to increase the upper limit of their collection and alchemy skills.
    Note: Commoner can only learn passive skills.

    • Rising Water Level: Improves Fishing skill in order to obtain better Treasures of the Deep.

      Thickening Thoughts: Improves Meditation skill in order to obtain better Meditation Materials.

      Forestry Finesse: Improves Forestry skill in order to obtain better Lumber.

      Apex of Alchemy: Improves Alchemy skill in order to obtain better items.

      Farming Finesse : Improves Farming skill in order to obtain better Crops.

      Thrifty Saver: Increase instant healing effects received from pills by 2%. 1/2 effect for non-Commoner occupations.

      Maxi-Mining :
      Improves Mining skill in order to obtain better Minerals.

      Heightened Herding : Improves Herding skill in order to obtain better Animal Products.

    Notes about Alchemy:

    - Most weapon recipies, u can buy from other players, or you'l have to "Pilfer" them ( thief skill ), each monster in the game drops has diferent recipies.

    - Alchemy works this way, if u want to make a lvl 20 armor set ( lvl 18, 19 and 20 items) , u will require a alchemy of at least lvl 10 to make any part of the set, so basicly, if u want to make a certain item ( example lvl 40 sword), you'l just need to subtract 10 from the weapons lvl , to know what lvl your alchemy needs to be to be able to create it ( for sets the diference is 10 lvls per set, in weapons its 10 lvl per weapon).

    - Alchemy is affected by your provider's providence ( slightly).

    For more information, visit : DoMo Wikia

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