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    Our hard lifes (part 1)

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    Our hard lifes (part 1)

    Post by Sarkany

    Pigkiller's hard life

    Since I am in Kunlun, my life turn it too heavy. It's not easy to survive!

    Someday, an odd creepy old man tried to talk to me about a job. He really gave me the creeps, and his face expression showed some undisclosed intentions.
    So I just ignored him.

    Later on, killing with my friend Postbellum, we felt kinda observed.

    Was the same old creepy man! He was in an emo mode, obversing us.


    Zombie: Uh?
    Chasm King Pedoemoking: Shhhht, don't say I'm here.
    Zombie: Uuuuuh.

    And that was just the beggining...

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    Post on Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:33 am by Guest

    Oh! Pigkiller as his own story! Would he join the Main Story with Sarky and Lulu? I can't imagine what would happens!

    I really enjoyed the last part, the conversation between the old man and the zombie, uh? *zombie face here*.

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