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    [Wizard] Info

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    [Wizard] Info

    Post by Michiyo on Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:09 am


    A Wizard uses scrolls to cast spells. They are able to attack enemies at a distance, cause great damage over an area, and even enhance the defense of team members and alter the movement abilities of friends and foes.

    A Wizard takes a long time to cast spells, and has weaker elemental properties in their spells. However, their spells cause the most damage of all the jobs. As it's expensive to use all those scrolls, it's not a suitable job for beginners.


    1. Speak to Wallie the Wizard at the Shrine in Eversun City (X:246 Y:336) who will give you a Gloomy Gold Bar.
    2. Give it to Aunt Lara at X:226 Y:402 in Eversun South. She will reject it and give you a letter.
    3. Find the Gold Dealer at X:250 Y:365, also in Eversun South. You will fight a Skinflint Spirit (level 10 wizard). The Gloomy Gold Bar will become a Ghost-Free Gold Bar.
    4. Return to Wallie in Eversun City with the letter and receive the qualification.


    Scrool Casting:

    • Scorching Scroll: Burns a scroll to release a flame towards the enemy.

      Secret Charm of Searing Flame: Burns the enemy with fire summoned from the heavens.

      Explosive Runes: Burns a scroll to cause an explosion that inflicts fire damage to surronding enemies, and extra damage to those at the center.

      Secret Charm of Shrieking Demons: Calls on demonic powers to release a deadly poisonous attack targeted on an area around the enemy.

      Lightning Runes: Releases a bolt of lightning upon an enemy, causing metal damage, with a chance of a second bolt causing fire damage.

      Secret Charm of Rolling Thunder: Guides a lightning strike to hit the target, damaging nearby enemies as well.

      Toppling Tremor: An earthquake that knocks surrounding enemies off their feet (lower success rate against other players).

      Secret Charm of Thorns: Summons vines around the user that attack nearby enemies, reducing their speed.

      Acid Rain Scroll: Makes poisonous rain fall on the heads of enemies, causing multiple-hit area damage.

      Speeding Ticket: Attaches a scroll that calls forth the power of heavenly soldiers to strengthen your legs, increasing movement speed.

    Spell Casting:

    • Chant of Impure Thoughts: Non-elemental magical attack against an enemy. Does not require a scroll.

      Secrets of the Metal Spirit: Summons the protection of the spirit of metal, strengthening metal attribute.

      Warning Warble: Non-elemental magical attack against multiple enemies. Does not require a scroll.

      Secrets of the Wood Spirit: Summons the protection of the spirit of wood, strengthening wood attribute.

      Stalling Chant: A chant that reduces the movement speed of monsters whitin the area.

      Secrets of the Earth Spirit: Summons the protection of the spirit of earth, strengthening earth attribute.

      Cataclysmic Converter: Convert HP into MP. Immediately recovers MP, then more MP every 5s over a period of time.

      Secrets of the Water Spirit: Summons the protection of the spirit of water, strengthening water attribute.

      Chant of Liberation: A chant with various effects

      Secrets of the Fire Spirit: Summons the protection of the spirit of fire, strengthening fire attribute.

    Magical Skills:

    • Equip Robe: The ability to equip robes.

      Finding Enlightenment: Increase magical skill damage vs. enemy by 2%. 1/2 effect for non-Taoist occupations.

    For more information, visit : DoMo Wikia

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