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    [Thief] Info

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    [Thief] Info

    Post by Michiyo on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:55 am


    A Thief has the best evasion of any job, and the ability to steal of Thief makes it possible to obtain rare items and alchemy recipes from monsters.

    A Thief cannot inflict massive damage, but a dagger is a quick weapon which, when combined with lightning reflexes, stealth, and good MP recovery, makes Thief formidable opponents.


    Requirements: 350 to 1000 gold.

    1. Speak to Baby Burglar at X:253 Y:413 in Swan Lake Basin (enter through Eversun South if you cannot fly). He will ask you to buy a Broken Key from him for a certain amount of gold. The price changes each time you speak to him. The range is about 100-300 so buy the key when the price is closer to 100.
    2. Visit Between Burglar in Eversun South at X:602 Y:590 near the mining area. He will ask you to buy a Key Mold from him for a certain amount of gold, which also changes each time you speak to him. The low end of this range is 200 gold.
    3. Return to Swan Lake Basin and speak to Liam the Locksmith at X:630 Y:515 near the Guild Castle. He will charge a fee of 36 gold to make a Vault Key.
    4. Go to Big Burglar at X:367 Y:451 in Swan Lake Basin and open the treasure chest near him. Receive a Cat Burglar's Veil.
    5. Once you have the chests items, speak to Bridget Love at X:604 Y:487 in Swan Lake Basin. Answer no to all of her offers, if you pressed yes, then she will run away but will return if you walk far enough away from her. When she reveals her true identity, you will be awarded with the thief qualification.


    Close Combat:

    • Super Stab: An attack using a dagger that causes a large amount of damage. (Requires Dagger)

      Stealthy Stab: Sneaks around the enemy to deal a deadly blow to a vulnerable spot. (Requires Dagger)

      Swift Swallow Strike: A quick stab, as swift as a flight of swallows, that damages all enemies within the attack area. (Requires Dagger)

      Whirling Dervish: Leaps around, eliminating opponents left, right, and center. (Requires Dagger)

      Control Breathing: Controls breathing to increase magic power.

      Rhythm of Life: Attunes the body with nature, increasing HP and MP.

      Premonition: Reads the enemy's coming attacks, increasing evasion and attack speed.

      Fighting Foresight: Predicts an enemy's movement in advance, increasing defense and evasion.

      Throw Knife: Damage the enemy by throwing a dagger-type weapon. (Requires Dagger)

      Light Hammer Throw: Throws a light hammer to damage the enemy. (Requires Dagger)

    Sneaks Attacks:

    • Bolt From the Blouse (skill):Throws an arrows concealed in the sleeve to damage an enemy from a distance. (requires "Bolt From the Blouse" item x1)

      Veiled Volley: Multiple-hit attacks using hidden arrows (requires "Bolt From the Blouse" item x2~5 depending on skill level).

      Ash Spray: Throws to an enemy's eyes, reduce accuracy and magical accuracy for a period of time. (requires "Bag of Ash" item x1)

      Shadow Advance: Uses smoke to hide self in order to assassinate the enemy for a period of time. Effect cancelled after initiating attack (requires "Bag of Ash" item x1).

      Fast Getaway: Increases movement speed for a short period.

      Run Amok: Focuses attention on movement to increase movement speed, but reduces attack speed as a result.

      Hypnosis: Makes the enemy fall asleep for a period of time (1/2 effect against other players).

      Play Dead: Pretend to be dead to fool monsters. Doesn't work against Bosses.

      Pilfer: Steals items from monsters (doesn't work against other players).

      Pillage: Steals items from monsters when attacking.

    Thieving Skills:

    • Equip Dagger: The ability to equip daggers.

      Equip Clothes: The ability to equip clothing.

      Dagger Mastery :Allows daggers to be used regardless of job at % of their full strength.

      Floating Walk: Reduce physical skill damage from enemy by %. 1/2 effect for non-Thief occupations.

    For more informations visit: DoMo Wikia

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