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    [Shaman] Info

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    [Shaman] Info

    Post by Michiyo on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:47 am


    A Shaman uses magic that mainly employs the elemental powers, and is adept at using fast weakening skills, elemental magic, and attacking enemies from a distance.

    A Shaman can make good use of their knowledge of the principles of the five elements to cause greater damage to enemies with elemental attributes.


    1. Speak to Shannon the Shaman at X:234 Y:186 in Eversun City. He will ask you to deliver a Letter to Sisters to the following NPCs, who will each give you a seasonal book:
    * Marple the Shaman, at the Pasture in Eversun North (X:112 Y:515)
    * Rainy the Shaman, at the Fishing area in Eversun North (X:590 Y:452)
    * Cherry the Shaman, in Eversun South (X:227 Y:396)
    * Snowy the Shaman, at the Pavilion in Eversun South (X:376 Y:543)
    2. Return the Book of Four Seasons to Shannon in Eversun to receive the qualification.


    Seasonal Magic:

    • Snow Shower: Calls on the power of winter, dealing elemental metal damage to the enemy.

      Blizzard: Summons massive sheets of snow that cover the terrain, causing elemental metal magical area damage.

      Ides of March: Calls on the power of spring, dealing elemental wood damage to the enemy.

      Blackthorn: Summons springtime thornbushes to inflict wood elemental damage.

      Tidal Torrent: Summons the full force of a winter tide, inflicting elemental water damage.

      Acid Rain: Summons a dragon that causes acid rain to fall, causing elemental water magical area damage.

      Heatstroke Hex: Summons summer sunshine, inflicting elemental fire damage.

      Summer Solstice: Summons the heat of the sun to scorch the earth, causing elemental fire magical area damage.

      Coming of Autumn: Calls on the power of autumn, dealing elemental earth damage to the enemy.

      Scorched Earth: Summons energy-sapping parched autumn earth, inflicting elemental earth damage.

    Nature Magic:

    • Summer Sun: Releases the heat of summer on the target, reducing magical defense. Duration is 1/2 against other players.

      Deep Heat: Envelops an enemy with intense heat, causing non-elemental magical damage. Reduces magic defense by 25%.

      Hoar Frost: Releases the frost of winter on the target, reducing defense. Duration is 1/2 against other players.

      Frostbite: Envelops an enemy with frosty dew, causing non-elemental magical damage. Reduces defense for 30s.

      Spring Cleaning: Collects magic power on the body's surface, recovering MP every 5 seconds.

      Malicious Mirror: Reflects an enemy's skills or spells.

      Heavy Frost :Frost forms around the feet of the target, stopping movement. Duration is 1/2 against other players.

      Choking Climber: Surrounds an enemy with constricting vines that prevent them from moving. Duration is 1/3 against other players.

      Heatstroke: The sun's heat causes heatstroke, making the target lose HP every 5 seconds for 20 seconds. Duration is 1/2 against other players.

      Swarm: A swarm of insects causes non-elemental magic damage and poison damage. Enemy loses HP every 5s for 1 minute.

    Shaman Skills:

    • Equip Wand: The ability to equip wands.

      Mega Magic: Increases maximum MP.

      Ying Yang Transform: Increases MP heal received by 2%. 1/2 effect for non-Yin Yang Master(Shaman) occupations.

    For more information, visit : DoMo Wikia

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