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    [Musician] Info

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    [Musician] Info

    Post by Michiyo on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:36 am


    A Musician plays songs that can increase the MP Recovery, attack power, accuracy, and evasion of team members as well as healing and strengthening pets.


    Requirements: 1 Vine Rope, 1 Down, 100 gold.

    1. Speak with Hannah the Dancer in Placid Plain (X:292 Y:242). She will ask you to find a craftsman to repair a lute for her friend Busker Biff.
    2. Find Ali the Craftsman at X:168 Y:480 in Placid Plain. In order to repair it, he will ask for 1 Vine Rope, 1 Down and 100 gold. Once you give these to him, he'll have you wait for one minute and then you can obtain the lute.
    3. Return the lute to Hannah and receive the qualification.


    Musical Magic:

    • Sonic Swipe: Attacks enemy with sound. Increases your attack, M.ATK and attack speed. Effect may stack 3 times.

      Supersonic Swipe: Attacks surrounding enemies with an explosive sonic wave.

      Mystic Mantra: A chant that recovers nearby team members' MP over 40 seconds.

      Transfusion Tune: A mysterious tune that converts HP into MP and passes it onto others.

      Courageous Chorus :A song that boosts combat ability. Increases nearby team members' attack and magical attack.

      Mars' Song :A song of the war god that grants nearby team members an increase in attack, accuracy and evasion.

      Song of Concentration :A song that increases nearby team members' accuracy and magic accuracy.

      Hymn to the Goddess :A song that grants nearby team members an increase in magic power, magic accuracy, and magic evasion

      Diligent Ditty: Increases nearby team members' movement speed, evasion and magical evasion.

      Echo Guard: Protects nearby team members by bouncing back damage and has a % chance of reflecting magical attacks.

    Pet Sounds:

    • Soothing Serenade: A song that recovers the HP of nearby team members' pets.

      Resurrect Pet: Resurrect a pet that has fallen in combat.

      Song of Serenity: A song that recovers the MP of nearby team members' pets.

      Pet Snack Song: A miraculous song that turns enemies into pet food! Attacks enemies and restores the HP and MP of nearby team members' pets.

      Power Ballad: A song that raises morale. Improves nearby pets' attack and magical attack.

      Pet Training Song: Nearby team members' pets get an accuracy bonus, magical accuracy, and reflects damage.

      Defensive Ditty: A song that improves nearby pets' defense and magic defense.

      Pet Prayer: Nearby team members' pets get an evasion bonus, magical evasion, and block success increased.

      Cheery Tune :A happy song that increases nearby team members' pets' maximum HP and maximum MP.

      Pet-Praising Song: Allies' pets get a critical attack bonus, movement speed, and HP and MP recovery goes up.


    • Equip Musical Instrument :The ability to equip musical instruments.

      Musical Instrument Mastery :Allows musical instruments to be used regardless of job at 5% of their full strength.

      Soul Music: Increase effects of MP consuming skills you cast by %. 1/2 effect for non-Musician occupations.

    For more information, visit : DoMo Wikia

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