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    [Merchant] Info

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    [Merchant] Info

    Post by Michiyo on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:14 am


    A Merchant supports others by manufacturing goods, and can attack well if they have enough money to spend. For a Merchant, the greater their capital, the greater their power.

    A Merchant has the ability to use medicine on team members, and can make special snacks for pets from ingredients collected from meditation. These snacks can strengthen a pet's elemental attributes.


    To obtain the merchant qualification, visit the Merchant Careers Advisor at X:163 Y:86 in Eversun City. He will require a fee of 10,000 gold to obtain an MBA and to return to him with a level 23 weapon of his choosing (Frosty Foil, Fiery Saber, Damp Dagger, Willow Leaf Bow, Smiley Syringe, Granite Gloves, Fine Feather Fan, Zither, Wispy Wand, Hair-Raising Halberd or Iron Staff). The Iron Hammer and Iron Abacus do not appear to be used in the qualification.


    Trade Secrets:

    • HP Medicine Boost: Increases healing effect to 50% when using HP healing medicine on team members or pets.

      Make Metal Munchies: Produces Metal Snack that gives pet attacks a metal attribute.

      MP Medicine Boost: Increases healing effect to 50% when using MP healing medicine on team members or pets.

      Make Wood Munchies : Produces Wood Snack that gives pet attacks a wood attribute.

      Cash Withdrawal :Cash withdrawal anytime, anywhere.

      Make Earth Munchies: Produces Earth Snack that gives pet attacks a earth attribute.

      Construct Coin Shield :Uses money to make a coin shield that improves physical and magical defense.

      Make Water Munchies: Produces Water Snack that gives pet attacks a water attribute.

      Underwrite Life Insurance: Reduces experience loss from death. Expires in 4 hours, or upon death.

      Make Fire Munchies: Produces Fire Snack that gives pet attacks a fire attribute.

    Money Talks:

    • Coin Toss: Attacks the target with coins. Receive an IOU if successful.

      Blood Money: Uses 5 IOUs to demand the enemy's life as payment.

      Extortion: Uses an abacus to extort payments by force. Each successful hit yields gold. 3 IOU is used for each attack.

      Bankeruption: An attack that inflicts damage for an amount of gold. Damage is capped.

      Mathemattack: Flips coins and counts the heads as binary ones and tails as zeros to calculate damage. Higher levels get more heads.

      Strapped for Cash: Strap money to yourself to attract spirits of ill fortune. Improves team members' fighting chance but lowers yours.

      Money Rain: Attacks enemies in the surrounding area, but wastes a lot of money.

      Doubloon Discharge: Make a doubloon from coins and throws it at the enemy. More effective if it hits the enemy in the head, face, hand, or foot.

    Trading Skills:

    • Equip Abacus: The ability to equip abacuses.

      Abacus Mastery: Allows abacuses to be used regardless of job at % of their full strength.

      Tax Break: Reduces tax rate on stall.

      Stall Upgrade: Number of stall slots increased.

      Cash Windfall: Increases fixed HP recovery cast by %. 1/2 effect for non-Merchant occupations

    For more information, visit : DoMo Wikia

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