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    Summoning of a devil

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    Summoning of a devil

    Post by Michiyo

    One day I was reading a book about magic.
    It was about magic that would help people. Something that seemed unnecessary here in hell. Everyone just cared about themselves. I guess I was just an oddball like that...

    Suddenly I heard someone call me...I think someone was calling me. A little voice in my head. I closed my eyes.
    When I opened them again, I was in a different place I have never seen before. It was really great. So I took the chance to take a picture with my camera.


    I could not see anyone so I set out to find the one who summoned me to this strange, new world...
    I wandered through the world, a city...
    There I took the opportunity to buy some new clothes. Also I noticed that I was smaller than everyone else. I'd need to fix that, I guess.

    Then in a place called Placid Plains I met this girl...


    She wore the same clothes as I did, when I entered this world for the first time. Was that some kind of sign?

    I asked: "Umm...I am looking for someone...Can you help me? Someone who can summon creatures from hell."
    She was a descendant of the gods after all. Maybe she knew something...

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    Post on Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:41 pm by Guest

    I like the idea! Your story is interesting ^^, The beginning reminds me the start of Domo Tales at game O_O.

    Awwww, a pocket mini demon girl... * Naddy picks her up and put in her pocket* (explanation: Naddy loves little and cute things).

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