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    [Doctor] Info

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    [Doctor] Info

    Post by Michiyo on Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:56 pm


    Doctor Skills are divided into Croakus Pocus, which require frogs to cast, Medical Treatment, which is mainly heals, and Doctor Skills (which allow for syringes to be subbed onto other jobs).
    The Croakus Pocus list of skills are comprised of buffs which can affect any player. The Medical Treatment skills can usually be used upon anyone with a few notable exceptions. Health Heist and Heavy Health Heist can only be cast on enemies (as they are the only attacks native to the Doctor class).
    Purify can also only be cast on enemies. Born Again can only be cast upon dead players, as one cannot resurrect someone already living.
    Detox can only be cast on party members. Finally Greater Healing can only be cast on party members. Doctors can utilize the Doctor's Spring to increase their skill points. Doctors utilize Syringes as their weapon, and many of the Doctor's Skills require a syringe to be used.
    Doctors are mostly for parties, however, there are rare Hybrid and Solo(PvP) Doctors as well. Hybrid Doctors require the most springs possible, as they must max not only party skills but solo skills as well. Thankfully, some skills overlap.


    1. Talk to Dr. Thibalt in Eversun City (213, 246), at the Drugstore. He will ask you to deliver a letter to an ill patient of his named Sonia.
    2. Go to Eversun North and make your way up to the Mortuary. Sonia can be found at (348, 225) just before entering the area where Zombies spawn.
    3. Once you have given her the letter, she will reveal that she needs blood to cure her ailment. Be sure to have full health before you allow her to drink your blood. As a result, your HP will reduced.
    4. Take the letter from Sonia and return to Eversun City to receive the Doctor Qualification from Dr. Thibalt.

    Doctor Skills:

    Medical Treatment:

    • Health Heist :Uses syringe to suck HP from a target.

      Heavy Health Heist :Uses a syringe to suck HP from a target to heal surronding allies.

      First Aid :Replenishes HP without the use of medicine.

      Greater Healing :Recovers wounds of team members within effect area without needing to use medicine. Need Syringe.

      Regeneration :Increases HP in increments over a period of time.

      Inner Magic :Brings out your magical energy, periodically recovering MP for 360 seconds.

      Detox :Removes all kinds of HP loss caused by poisons, and grants immunity against poison for a period of time (effect cannot be cancelled).

      Purify :Removes all good and bad status affecting the enemy.

      Born Again :Brings the dead back to life with a % of maximum HP and restores % of experience lost at death.

      Ultimate Healing :Advanced healing technique that greatly recovers the HP of nearby friends.

    Croakus Pocus:

    • Frogs' Legs Soup :Uses a frog to make a delicious broth that restores HP.

      Fantastic Frog's Legs Soup :Uses a frog to make a delicious broth that restores HP of allies within an area.

      Frog Force :Consume a frog to increase attack for a period of time.

      Yin Frog :Uses a frog to increase the consumer's magical attack for a period of time.

      Frog Forcefield :Consumes a frog to increase defense for a period of time.

      Yang Frog :Uses a frog to increase the consumer's magical defense for a period of time.

      Prolong Life :While the spell lasts, maximum HP is increased.

      Mega Magic Boost :While spell is in effect max MP increased for a period of time.

      Soup of Self-Preservation: Makes the enemy sleep for 11 seconds, but also increases their Defense and reduces magical Defense for 21 seconds.

      Mega Medicine :Exclusive doctor's magic that grants invincibility for a period of time. Can be used to save the lives of friends or yourself.

    Medical Knowledge:

    • Equip Syringe :The ability to equip syringe.

      Medkit Mastery :Allows syringes to be used regardless of job at 5% of their full strength.

      Hand of Healing :Increase healing skill effects by %. 1/2 effect for non-Doctor occupations.

    For more informations visit: DoMo Wikia

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