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    Hints and tips, things to know about DoMO

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    Hints and tips, things to know about DoMO

    Post by Sarkany on Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:41 pm

    For newbies and non-newbies, it's always good to have a thread like this. Most of the basics are explained by npc's, but there are tricks that aren't.

    • If you click on a place in the map, your character will move there automatically. This works too when flying.

    • If you right click a player, you will see his/her level and job.

    • There are elements stronger and weaker than others:

      Fire is stronger than Metal (metal is weaker to fire)
      Metal is stronger than Wood (wood is weaker to metal)
      Wood is stronger than Earth
      Earth is stronger than Water
      Water is stronger than Fire

      This will come in handy for magic jobs like Shaman or Wizard.

    • To create a Supercombo:

      Blue - Yellow - Green - Red
      Yellow - Blue - Red - Green
      Green - Red - Blue - Yellow
      Red - Green - Yellow - Blue

      Blue and Green can't be near each other. Red and Yellow can't be near each other.
      Blue and Yellow must be near each other. Red and Green must be near each other.

    • You can get a free +30% Exp Team Badge (2 hours duration) in the Summoning Pool once a day, the only requisite is to not have any job above level 19.

    • If there are too many people in screen and you need to reach certain NPC (like the bank in Eversun or the npc for change job) press Ctrl+P, it will hide all other players aside team members.

    • Pressing Alt+´ or Alt+ù (french keyboard) will show all HP bars, this resets every time you leave an area.

    • When your Journal is flashing, you can get a +50% exp badge for few minutes. Just open the journal and click in one of the links.

    • If the game crashes your hotkey bars will reset to last time you logged out. To avoid this, type /saveui and your parameters will be saved.

    • You can drag and put actions in the hotkey, like pet commands, words, items, etc.

    • When you level up and upgrade a skill, remember to replace the same one on the hotkey.

    • Don't buy arrows for 4-5g in user's stalls. NPC's sells them for 1g each.

    • Dungeon monsters gives better exp than the field ones.

    • A difference to all other quests, to give back Eversun Guide quest items, click on "Return Mission item".
    • If you give 100+ of each Eversun Guide's quests, you will get the extra title "Bully Beater" that gives extra 110 HP.

    • At level 15 you can learn how to fly, the NPC for that is in Swan Lake Basin by Eversun North. Since that Frog have a lot of HP it's recommended to do it in a team. Ask in guild chat or make a thread if you are having trouble with it. We will be glad to help.
    • You can raise flying speed by doing certain quest in Swan Lake Basin and Collington:
      - Swan Lake Basin
      - Collington

    • At level 20 you can get a free Metal pet by doing Pet Quest at Farrel Family Crypt (Eversun North). If you do it twice you will get 5 Commoner Skill points.
    • In that same quest, do not kill the Pupu, you must protect it!
      If you need help with that quest, just ask in guild chat or in the forum. We will gladly help.

    • For further information about beginner's quests, check Waffel's post.

    • For information about jobs, npc's, monsters and everything in general, you can check Domo wiki.

    The list will be updated as things come in. Feel free to post things i could have missed.


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    Re: Hints and tips, things to know about DoMO

    Post by kidzblade on Sun May 10, 2015 2:26 pm

    • The guy who sells newbie weapons in the summoning pool can sell you the flag, if you choose to buy it without negotiating the price you'l get a title from it.

    • While all classes can freely reset their skills until lvl 15, the same doesn't apply to commoner, so be carefull of what you pick as it will be like that forever.

    • There are 3 titles that take a long time to get because they require you to do the daily quests/events multiple times for the reward scrolls (100-200 then 300 scrolls of either), so try to do your daily and events whenever possible.

    • If you do eversun elder and darkdale elder quests, sometimes on the 25th instead of a recipe you'l be given a 5 slot bag ( this can happen only once for each).

    • Agilty cooldown reduction caps at 103 and since most enemies post 50 will be using skills, it's pointless to put more into it for the agility (around over 100 is a bit overkill anyway).

    • While critical from dex is really good it caps at 33% crit change (your luck+ crit increasing skills (weak spotter/Dragon's call) so you should always use a formula to calculate how much dex u shud go for : crit while fighting change is super + crit from dragon's call/weak spotter).

    • The reason most builds use only 28 dex is because you'l be equiping a acuaracy onyx on your gloves (+8 acu) to make up for any lack of hit rate).
      Agility on shamans while giving you less dmg per cast and mp gives you more dps over long fights ie: raid bosses).

    • While inner magic is the best mp skill regen in the game you can't use it unless you have either a doc at 33 or if your sub job is below lvl 23, until then teas give both nice mp regen for how cheap they are to make (also helps to raise alchemy a bit).

    • Never vendor elder mats or crafting materials, it's best to put them for sale on a stall as someone will eventually need said material to buy something, but it's still ok to vendor crafting ones if you need the cash.

    • Try to unlock the well and inn basement as soon as possible as they offer the best exp per mob you can get up until around lvl 17.

    • Always make sure to save a super combo up if you're gonna be fighting a boss, it helps at lot.

    • Some monsters will agro when you are below 50% hp and some will agro only if you fighting a monster of the same name.

    • While pets are not mandatory, they help a lot, the most usefull for soloing are Rock and saphire (no pet mp heal) and ruby (if you have a pet mp heal).

    • The more often you repair your equipement the more it will last.

    • Make an alt acount that you use only to gather materials or to sell at a stall, also helpfull for those pesqy team elder quests.

    • You can get a new pose once you die 300 times from a unlucky chad in darkdale, the easiest way to achieve this is to do the following (party with someone and make sure you're not the leader, then make someone duel the leader and only kill you near the respaw point, all you'l have to do is press the ress button as ul now be stuck dying until ur opponet moves).

    • Make a 2nd char on your acount in case you need an extra 100 slots of inventory space for storage.

    • Decide early on if you wanna be a party muse or a pet muse, as it will be hard to change decisions later on as reskills are quite expensive.

    • Damage over time skills will never kill you, but instead leave you with 1hp left.

    • All regen and DoT's skills work on a 5s timer, if you lose the buff right before the timer experis you wont get it's benefits.

    • Until lvl 33 doctors shud rest btwen casts to help keep their mp up and shud still do so post 33 if they spamming heals a lot.

    • Recipes for armors past lvl 13-15 for chest and leg can only be bought from a vendor or from another player.

    • At high lvls of alchemy you'l have to choose btwen armor or weapon alchemy.

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