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    [Forum] Rules

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    [Forum] Rules

    Post by Michiyo on Sat Jan 03, 2015 3:28 pm

    As the release of Dream of Mirror Online Closed Beta and more people possibly joining us - as members or friends - it is important to put up some rules for this forum.

    General forum rules

    • No trolling or flaming
    • Stay on topic
    • No spamming
    • Do not engage in 'Quote Wars'
    • Do not double-post, use the EDIT button instead
    • No advertising

    Moderationg actions & guidelines

    • No public discussion over moderator activity:
      If you have questions or concerns over moderators actions - infractions, closed threads, or comments made by our staff - please send a PM to the moderator responsible for the decision, or contact an administrator who will happily explain the situation.

    • Warnings and infractions:
      A warning or infraction may or may not be issued for violating any of these guidelines. If you have a question with the warning or infraction, please contact the moderator responsible for issuing it. You may also contact an administrator if necessary.

    • Bans - temporary and permanent:
      When you have accumulated a substantial amount of infractions, you will be temporarily banned for a period at the discretion of the staff. If you break the rules repeatedly you will be permanently banned, no questions, no excuses.


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